Bangalore Turf Club now under RTI

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TURFBANGALORE, July 2;The Karnataka Information Commission (KIC) on Monday passed an order declaring the Bangalore Turf Club a public authority under section 2(h) (d) (ii) of the Right to Information Act, thus bringing it under the RTI Act.

In February 2012, Umapathi S., an RTI applicant, had sought a certified copy of a list of records duly catalogued in a compact disc format. When the information that was sought was not furnished, a complaint was filed before the KIC in May.

Following this, the authorities of the Bangalore Turf Club objected to the petition.

They claimed that provisions of the RTI Act were not applicable to the club, as it does not receive any funds from the Government of India. The club is not a body that is owned or controlled directly or indirectly by the State government or any other government, club authorities said.

After going over various documents including lease agreements, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Report, government orders, memorandum of articles of association and so on, the commission found that the Bangalore Turf Club can be classified as a public authority.

The KIC has now called upon the Bangalore Turf Club to appoint a Public Information Officer and First Appellate Authority by issuing a notification within three months from Monday.

Mr Umapathi can now file a fresh RTI application to seek any information, the KIC said in its order.

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