Rediscovering an eco-friendly workout

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CYCLEHassan, June 25;Five friends in Hassan have launched a drive to promote bicycle riding as an environment-friendly activity. The five purchased bicycles recently, and now prefer them over their two-wheelers.

Their attitudes have spurred a change in those of their family members and neighbours.

Yogish Belavadi, an employee with a DTH service provider; Ganesh Somayaji, owner of a stationery shop; Shivu, who runs a travel agency; Krishna Kumar, who works in the transport business, and Ramesh, LIC employee, have been friends since their schooldays.

Among the five, Mr. Kumar was the first to pick up the bicycle.

“I’ve been using the bicycle for all official work for six months now. I lost about 2 kg and feel healthy. My friends were impressed by my habit, and decided to join me. I went along with each of them to the bicycle shop and bought a new one with them,” Mr. Kumar said. He covers at least 10 km each day on his bicycle. All five spent Rs. 9,000 each on their new steeds.

“The most important thing,” says Mr. Somayaji, “is that we are saving fuel and with that, saving money. All of us were spending at least Rs. 50 on petrol each day. Besides, we are also doing our part to keep the environment clean.”

Within a couple of days after he started using the bicycle, Mr. Belavadi’s daughter pulled out her bicycle from the storeroom and followed her father’s example.

“I am happy that my daughter feels like emulating me. Similarly, many of my neighbours and friends are expected to join this club soon,” he said.

The five have decided to conduct bicycling sessions regularly in the city, so that others may be influenced to go green.

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