Anekal elephant herd back in forest

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ELEPHANTBangalore, June 25;The operation to drive back the herd of 13 elephants that had killed 4 people over the weekend ended successfully on Tuesday morning after the forest department shepherded the herd into the Hosur range forests at Devarghatta in Tamil Nadu.

At 2 a.m., the herd managed to cross the Hosur Bangalore National Highway 7 even as trackers and two trained elephants Abhimanyu and Arjuna ensured the elephants stayed on their path.

Two attempts to drive the elephants out of Anekal – where they had injured 2 people – failed on Monday as the animals couldnt cross the NH7 where traffic sped and crowds had gathered to watch.

”Even after we controlled the traffic, large groups of people using flashlights got the elephants disoriented and they turned away,” said a forest department official.

It was only at 2 a.m., when crowds and vehicles thinned, that the elephants managed to cross the highway, and eventually enter the hosur forest.

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