ACP’s action triggers tension

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14BGMY_HORNMYSORE, June 15;A police officer, whose siesta was apparently disturbed by the honking of a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation bus, flagged down the bus and gave the driver and conductor a dressing down, resulting in tension in the area.

Mallikarjunappa, Assistant Commissioner of Police, was disturbed when bus driver Syed Yusufuddin sounded the horn to catch the attention of a cyclist who was blocking the road near Adi Shakti Circle.

Irked by this, he stormed out of his house and gave chase, and.stopped the bus near Raghavendra Nagar.

According to eyewitnesses, Mr. Yusufuddin and conductor Mohan Kumar were pulled out of the vehicle and abused. “We pleaded innocence and requested Mr. Mallikarjunappa to speak to our superiors and even handed him a mobile phone, but he smashed it to the ground and forcibly took us in his vehicle and lodged a complaint,” said Mr. Kumar. They were taken to the Nazarabad police station and got complaints lodged against them, despite pleas that the driver had only tried to avoid an accident and not cause a nuisance. In turn, Mr. Kumar and Mr. Yusufuddin filed a counter-complaint against Mr. Mallikarjunappa for harassment.

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