Power tariff will be hiked from April 1st.

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BENGALURU, March 3: The revision of electricity tariff is announced on Monday. For it doesn’t affect around 1.36 crore consumers who use less than 100 units a month; but others will have to pay 15 paise more for every unit used beyond 100 units.
The changes in tariff are with effect from April 1st.
It means if your electricity bill used to be Rs 560 (138 units), you will have to pay Rs 566 for the same consumption. The increase of Rs 6 — rounded off to the next rupee — is because you will pay more for 38 units (Rs 5.40 per unit instead of Rs 5.25).
All commercial users from a mall to a small shop will have to pay 20 paise more per unit. However, the commercial tariff for low-consumption industries in bescom’s jurisdiction has been hiked by 15 paise.
Low-consumption educational institutions and hospitals/clinics have been spared. The karnataka electricity regulatory commission has approved a 20-paise hike in tariff for educational institutions and hospitals or big clinics consuming more than 500 MW.
Government-run or charitable educational institutions and hospitals now will have to pay Rs 5.60 per unit for up to 1 lakh units and Rs 6.10 beyond that.

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