LK Advani compromised on corruption, says a Karnataka BJP leader

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New Delhi: In an embarrassment for Bharatiya Janata Party patriarch LK Advani, a party leader and close aide of Karnataka Janata Paksha chief BS Yeddyurappa, Lehar Singh Siroya, has written a tell-all open letter. He has alleged that Advani compromised on corruption in the past when it suited his own interest.

The letter that severely criticises Advani has been sent to him and BJP President Rajnath Singh by Lahar Singh Siroya. Siroya has slammed Advani for taking the high moral ground over corruption and pushing for the removal of BS Yeddyurappa, which cost the BJP in the state election dearly.

He has accused Advani of turning a blind eye towards corruption when it suited him. Siroya says Advani never inquired where the money came from for his rallies and yatras and neither did he ask the source of funding that brought the BJP to power in Karnataka in 2008 and gave the BJP its largest contingent of MPs in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls.

Siroya is close to BS Yeddyurappa and his letter reflects a growing call within the party to bring the former Karnataka chief minister back into the fold.

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