Action taken to trace Vinyl: Ivan D’souza instructs authorities

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Mangalore, September 11: On September 8th, 2014 by 3.00 pm Mr Vinyl; a resident of church Gate, who was standing by the edge of the river at Bokkaptna had accidentally fallen into the river due to heavy rainfall. So far, Mr. Vinyl has not been found. MLC Mr Ivon D’Souza has directed the Police and Coast Guard to find him out and investigate on the case. On Wednesday, Mr Ivon D’souza has visited Vinyl’s residence, met his family at and consoled them.

The victim’s father, Joseph Jone has lost his eyes and mother Premlatha Sones is suffering from illness. He has requested the department of fisheries to pay adequate compensation to the family of Vinyl since they are facing major crisis.

During this meet local ex-corporator Kamalaksha Salian, Vittal Karkera, Ratnakara Puthran and others were seen.

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