Nusratul Masakin Association Kundapur-Felicitates Scholarship

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Kundapur, August 21: The Nusratul Masakin Association (reg.) (N.M.A) Kodi, Kundapur as part of its decennial 2014-15 program, awarded scholarship and went through the Madrasa book distribution at the premises of the Jamiya mosque Kundapur recently.

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Haji Ismail Musliar said that, “Instead of gaining popularity, the charity given to the needy should be helpful. A saying goes-Birthplace is sacred than heaven, people born in this land and relocated at abroad for  the sake job should try to assist  the needy, helpless and the poor so that they can clear the dept soil through their admirable work”.

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In this occasion, the scholarships were felicitated and books were distributed to the Mardarasa’s. Nusratul Masakin Association (N.M.A) Kundapur president G. Sardar Gulvadi, presided over the program. Chairman of the Taluk Committee Mohammad Ghouse, Honarary President Janab Ashraf Beary, Riyadh unit president Syed Aslam koya, vice-president Sheikh Ansar Kundapur, N.M.A Damam President Abubakar Mohammad Ali, Vice President K.M Abdul Rehman, Sub-Inspector Nasir Hussain of  Kundapur station, advocate Shiriyara Gopal Shetty, chairman of Kundapur Jamiya Mosque Abdul Razaq, Abdul Rehman and others were present on the dais.

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Mr Imam, teacher of the Jamiya mosque recited Kirat. Mr Ahmed Yusuf welcomed the guests and Mr Asif Maan organised the program.

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