Poojary throws yet another salvo at Modi; Opts to quit politics if BJP wins

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Mangalore, May 2:It was like a Tom and Jerry game or Cat-mouse race, here in this context senior congress leader Janardhan Poojary’s challenge that forced Gujarat CM Narendra Modi to come down to Mangalore  for an election rally. But when Modi arrived, congress prediction proved wrong and now Poojary came up with another challenge to Modi.


Speaking to media reporters at the congress election office on May 2, Thursday Poojary challenged that in case BJP comes to the power, he would quit politics or else opt for “Political Sanyasa” and if BJP fails to win Modi should resign from his post and quit politics.


While giving deadline of 48 hours to accept the challenge to Modi, he also said Gujarat had no courage to speak about Karnataka politics.


Coming heavily on Modi’s comment that Rahul Gandhi was a “Golden spoon baby’ why did Modi keep silent on Janardhan Reddy’s  golden chair and said Modi has got no moral right to speak about Rahul Gandhi and alleged that Modi had come only to sow the seeds of religious venom.Also he welcomed the leaders from other parties to join congress by handing over them a party flag on the occasion.

With regard to criticisms that Delhi is unsafe for women, Poojary said that Modi is talking like as if no rapes were taken place in Gujarat and added that 2G and Coalgate scams were the creation o BJP and accused the party of leaking the JPC report.

Photo Source: Navya Anekal

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  1. Where does the question of you quitting Politics arise, when Congress party long since have stopped you giving the ticket for state as well as central Elections?

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