‘Congress promoting under the table agreement to facilitate beef export’; Modi rakes up cow slaughter

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Mangalore, May, 2: Addressing the media persons in the election rally of the BJP at Nehru Maidan on May 2, Modi said the UPA government has brought a secrete revolution called Pink revolution in order to extend all possible help to facilitate beef export. He further alleged that cattle were being smuggled from India to the neighboring Bangladesh.




He also said that his presence in Mangalore had proved Congress wrong and he did not expect to see so many people here today.




 In fact congress leaders have challenged me to come here and said BJP do not have enough courage to bring Modi here and ultimately they have been proved wrong as I am here today, he said.






In his scathing attack on Congress, he said it is the duty of any political party to give accounts of its work before asking people for votes, so that voters can decide to whom they have to choose. But the here trend of congress is to point at BJP and asking our details without disclosing its own. Senior congress leaders must answer to this including the “Golden spoon baby” Rahul Gandhi.


Continuing Modi said” We all heard about green revolution but not heard about pink revolution. Have any one of you heard Pink revolution? He questioned the gathering. This is the secret deal made by the UPA government in view of facilitating beef export.


Besides those want to open a slaughter house they have been exempted from paying tax for five years and sanctioned an advance loan up to Rs 5 crores along with transport allowance of Rs.5 per every k.m.

Can we bring such party to power? He questioned.


In his bitter attack on congress led UPA government at the centre, Modi said that we got a weak, aimless and poverty stricken government at the centre. He also criticized the centre for its silence on Sarabjit-an Indian prisoner in Pakistan jail undergone torture and resulting his subsequent death. He accused Pakistan government for its extra-judicial murder.

In spite of problems being created by our neighbors our prime minister has chosen to remain silent even when China was creating roads and bunkers in Indian Territory.

He urged the voters of Karnataka to reject Congress and elect BJP to power for the secure Karnataka.

He mesmerized the gathering by starting his speech in Kannada saying”Mangalurina Sodara Sodariyare” further said he would have delivered a speech in Kannada itself,had he been taught in Kannada and continued his speech in Hindi.

Nalin Kumar Kateel,Padmanabh Kottary,Uday Kumar shetty,Sulochana G K Bhat,Kota Srinivas Poojary,MLC Monappa Bhandary,Pratap Sinha Nayak,Malika Prasad,Nagaraj shetty,S Angara,Sanjeeva Matandoor,Umanath Kotian,Rajesh Nayak,Chandrahas Ullal,Sunil Kumar,sudhakar “Shetty,kishore Kumar,Krishna Palemar,MLC Capt.Karnik and Yogish Bhat were present.

Photo Source: Satish Kapikad

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  1. When NaMo enters any city or state he comes in like a hail Storm which wipes of all opposition parties like dried loose grass being blown away in a hurricane.

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