Koteshwara: Embankment disaster, link between national and state highway may be dropped

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Kundapur, May 14: The construction of embankment near koteshwara-Haladdi baipas is going in a slow pace. In this rainy season, due to embankment work, there are possibilities of artificial flood like situation, vehicle movements may be prohibited in this area. It is also said that link between national and state highway may be eliminated.

Koteshwara_Embackment_pics_2 Koteshwara_Embackment_pics_3

The people of this area are facing other problems like, lack of arrangements for proper transportation, no bus stand for passengers to halt, fear of mound collapse, big ponds on roads etc. All these issues have aroused due to the slow construction of embankment.


Commuters are facing uneasyness due to this, speeding of construction work is the need of the hour.

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