Devadiga Hita Rakshana Vedike formed

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Members of Udupi Devadigara Sangha expressed serious concern over the gross violation of the bye laws of the Sangha by a section of the Management Committee in opening a Credit Co-operative society at Sangha’s premises by unlawfully altering the ladies retiring room of the Sabha Bhavan of Devadigara Seva Sangha, Chitpadi, Udupi. The members demanded that a special general body be convened to elect the new management committee as the present committee has lost the confidence and support of the General Body. It is alleged that out of the 25 member Management Committee only a thin margin of 13 members are engaged in all the unlawful manipulations and irregular activities by taking high handed, illegal decisions.


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The members expressed serious anguish as to how the President of the Sangha could sign an agreement for renting out Sangha’s space to a CreditCo-operative Society for a meagre rent without taking necessary approval of the General Body. As per the bye laws of the Sangha, for renting out Sangha’s space to any agency, approval of the General Body is mandatory. The proposed Credit Co-operative Society is an independent body and do not come under the ambit of Devadiga Sangha, Udupi. Therefore starting of Credit Co-operative Society in the Sangha’s premises amounted to gross violation of Sangha’s bye laws, it is alleged.

It may be recalled that, in response to the memorandum submitted by 1/3 members of the Management Committee, the Deputy Registrar of Societies has already directed the Sangha to immediately convene the special General Body Meeting. A second notice has also been served. At this stage the Deputy Registrar can exercise his authority to call the General Body to elect the new team to set right the illegal decisions taken by the present regime.

A ‘Devadiga Hita Rakshana Vedike’ was formed by Devadiga members to fight out the irregularities and the unlawful activties being carried out by some of the Management Committee members of Devadiga Sangha, Udupi

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  1. The people of Devadigas r solved their dispute amicably. Right and wrong is not the criteria, but the dignity and respect of the devadigas r to be protected. Both the co operatives society are to be engaged/operated out side the premises of the sangha building. Those who are engaged in the society activities are to be debarred from the sangha’s activities. Decentralization of the power is our prime moto. Do the needful to the people who are under poverty line. Protect havesnot. If you need any help from me I can do the best.

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