Promotions come to an end, results awaited

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Mangalore, April 15: With the polls scheduled for April 17 throughout Karnataka the canvassing for the candidates came to a close today on Tuesday. Naleen Kumar Kateel, BJP candidate, on this last day organized a final request for votes.

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Tuesday evening at 4 p.m. a procession lead by Naleen Kumar which started from Kudroli temple, traversed Alake, New Chitra, Car street, Venkatramana temple, Ganapathi High School road and also intertwined with Fathima Stores, clock tower Hampankatta and closed down at the old bus stand.  The rally also boasted of a man named VasantNayak who closely resembled Modi who drew a large crowd’ of onlookers.

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Speaking to press reporters Naleen Kumar Kateel brought to the notice of the media his tireless efforts on behalf of the people.  The people had sent me to parliament.  I was able to take up quite a few development works.  This time is the same as last time. I place before the people my tireless efforts to undertake developmental works and request your vote. I have full confidence that the people will take note of my efforts for Dakshina Kannada and Modi’s promise to the nation.  Our victory is certain.

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Notable among those who took part were the stalwarts of the BJP RukmayyaPoojary, ShreenivasPoojary, SulochanaBhat, B. Nagaraj Shetty, ShrikarPrabhu, RajgopalRai , Kishore Shetty, Rajendra Kumar, Aboobaker, women’s wing leader AshaJagadish, and others.

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Naleen Kumar Kateel and his supporters earlier in the day took a rally in the district court quadrangle for a final fling of votes.

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