District administration’s SVEEP fails to reach gathered people on beach

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Mangalore, April 14: The district administration which organized ‘Beach Run’ a voter’s awareness programme under the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programme at Panambur Beach on April 13, Sunday, failed to take on.


Although the setting of district administration was perfect, the plan failed since beach run had only 15 participants though the beach was being lined with people.

Later these 15 had to be coaxed by the district officials to run 750m. The constant announcements by the officials urging people to vote for the upcoming election got lost amidst the entire din.


The two team of sand-artist arrived on the beach to showcase their sand skills went beyond the officials’ control. But they still managed to carve out the figure of the parliament and a man standing next to it and looking out for the able candidate.



The plan organized to distribute the pamphlets stressing on the importance to vote went in vain, since around 10, 000 pamphlet dropped from the airplane was not able to reach a single people and fell into the heavily-guarded complexes of the New Mangalore Port Trust.

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