Poojary too fails too included his wife’s name in affidavit: Sulochana Bhat

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Mangalore, Apr 12: Congress candidate from DK constituency B Janardhana Poojary  who was feeling proud of his statement on Modi’s marital status proving right, has himself failed to mention his wife’s name in the nomination affidavit papers filed  with the Election Officer, said Sulochana GK Bhat, State Vice President of the Mahila Morcha.


Addressing the media at the BJP Election Office on April 12, Saturday, she said that Poojary who is always worried about BJP candidates personal life has also left blank the column of dependents, hence he has no right to question on Modi’s marital status.

Bhat also said that any public can see a copy of Poojary’s affidavit posted on Karnataka Election Commission website, which stated that Poojary has left the column of dependents and income of his wife blank.


She also criticized Poojary for assuring to provide reservation for Brahmins, which was not done in past years when he was MP and Union Minister. This assurance and urge for working for the development of Brahmins is nothing but vote bank politics.

If Poojary was so keen on questioning the people of their personal life, then why he failed to ask who killed Sunanda Pushkar.

Deputy Commissioner AB Ibrahim has also clarified that the details given by Janardhana Poojary were in order.

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