Cheetah creates havoc in Manipal, caught by forest department

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Manipal, April 9: A huge cheetah entered into the Manipal city and caused trouble. Forest department and local police took charge of the situation and have succeeded in catching the animal.


The cheetah had entered the city on previous night, the localities had seen it and the news spread all over. Next morning around 10.00 am the cheetah was spotted again near KMC residential area. A large number of crowed had arrived to see the cheetah. Forest department and local police were informed and they got into the work of catching the animal. Finally after an operation of 4 hours, the cheetah was caught.

Cheetha_Manipal_Pics_4 Cheetha_Manipal_Pics_5


As the crowed increased, police were not able to control them, later more police force was called and then the situation was handled. The forest department has informed that the cheetah is 7 years old and it has been taken to Kudremukh National Park.

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