Congress has made this country weak, BJP will make it strong: Shrikar Prabhu

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Interview by: Sathish Kapikad & Abhishek Kukkillaya


Who will it be?

In less than 12 days, India will hold the biggest election ever seen on the planet. According to the Election Commission of India, the electoral strength in 2014 is 81.45 crores, the largest in the world. There is an increase of 10 crore newly eligible voters. It is also expected to be the longest and the costliest general election in the history of the country. Election Commission has estimated the elections to cost the exchequer Rs 3,500 crores, excluding the expenses incurred for security and individual political parties. Parties are expected to spend 30,500 crores on campaigning. This is three times the amount spent in the previous election.

The battle for power in the world’s largest democracy is fierce and controlling the image of candidates is high on the list of party’s priorities. The leader will arise to lead this nation towards betterment. Indian people are hoping for the best results. Dakshina Kannada district is no exception to the national scenario as election fever heats up with sitting MP seemingly confident of making it to the parliament for his second successive term.


On this occasion Shrikar Prabhu, BJP’s State Executive Member and former President of the Mangalore South Assembly constituency unit, talks to the Reporters of Kannadigaworld.

A politician with clear intentions and interpretations, he has an aura of humility, self-effacement, real-ness and ability to see the lighter side of things. Speaking as mouth piece for the Bharatiya Janata Party he spells out the strategies for the future.

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Reporter: BJP has considered Modi to be the next PM, what will be the first action of Modi Govt. if it comes to power?

Shrikar Prabhu: Modi is a person with vision, BJP Government will do all those necessary revision on policies which the current Government has failed to do. Modi’s first actions would be towards Security, Transparent and effective governance, Development in every nook and corner of this country and increasing the value of Rupee. Whenever there is price increase in commodities due to economic changes, we will see to it that prices are decreased. Women security will be prioritised first.


Reporter: Nalin Kumar is representing BJP from Mangalore constituency, if he wins the elections what can be expected from him towards the development of Dakshina Kannada?

Shrikar Prabhu: BJP Govt. will work on those issues which have not been taken care in Dakshina Kannada district. The highway construction will be fastened, 4 ways Road between Mangalore and Bangalore will be looked after. Standard of Railway station will be increased, more trains will be facilitated. Airport and Seaport development will be considered, our Airport and Seaport has a tag of ‘International’, but it is not up to the mark of International level, so Govt. will up necessary actions to raise the standards.


Reporter: How are the youth benefited from BJP Governance?

Shrikar Prabhu: Today youth go to foreign countries in search of jobs, talents of our country is flowing to other countries. New jobs in our country will emerge. BJP’s intention is to generate better job opportunities to youth. We should provide a better quality of education to our youth, skill development should be concentrated and this will ultimately create a quality work force. Self-employment will be motivated and we want to make youth stay and work for our country.

Reporter: Women security has been a matter of concern, what will be the actions of BJP Govt. towards this?

Shrikar Prabhu: The Central Govt. will enforce the law, State Govt. will follow it and implement it. A strict action will be taken on people who exploit women. Women should be empowered, when they are empowered and confident, such incidents wouldn’t take place. Women get exploited when there is weak Govt. if the Govt. is strong then the women will become strong. BJP will definitely enforce such measures.

Reporter: Congress candidate for Mangalore Constituency has stated that “My competition is with Modi, not with Nalin Kumar Kateel” what is your take on this?

Shrikar Prabhu: Congress candidate just talks about Dhrama and Adharma, they don’t do anything about it. Country has become weak and we will make it strong. Modi has given a trend, security, anti-corruption and development have been the key words. Our fight is not with Congress, we work for our country.

Reporter: Congress had declared that property tax won’t be increased for 5 years, and then they increased it. They demanded what BJP would do in our position. What do you have to say on this?

Shrikar Prabhu: Congress should learn to follow their words, first they say ‘No’ to tax increase and then they themselves have increased it. This doesn’t make any sense. Janardhana Poojari is just raising vague conflicts.

Reporter: What do you think would be the winning number of votes for Nalin Kumar Kateel?

Shrikar Prabhu: I’m not sure of the number, but it is estimated that Nalin Kumar would win by 1 lakh votes against Poojari.


Reporter: Finally would you like to give any message to voters?

Shrikar Prabhu: The 2014 election is similar to that of election which took place after the Emergency period in 1975. During then, the fight was to save the democracy, now the fight is to save the nation. We ask people to Vote for nation, Modi will bring the Change. “Modi gellisi, Bharata gellisi.” I would like to say this to our voters.

This being the end of our talk, we thanked and wished him with the upcoming elections. It is clear that BJP is really looking forward to take over the Govt. and bring the change through so called ‘Modi effect’. Be it BJP, Congress or AAP, we just can hope for the best team to lead our country.

Interview by: Sathish Kapikad / Abhishek Kukkillaya

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