Minister Jain inaugurates Gemini Circus in city

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Pics By : Sathish Kapikad
Mangalore, Mar 29: Minister of sports and youth affairs Abhayachandra Jain inaugurated the 40 day long Gemini Circus  at Karavali Exhibition Ground, Mangalore on March 28, Friday.
The Gemini Circus is the only company to have survived for over sixty years. The maiden performance by the company on 15 August 1951 was witnessed by distinguished leaders such as Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi among others.
Jemini_Circus_Start_2 Jemini_Circus_Start_3 Jemini_Circus_Start_21
Jemini_Circus_Start_5 Jemini_Circus_Start_6 Jemini_Circus_Start_7 Jemini_Circus_Start_8 Jemini_Circus_Start_9 Jemini_Circus_Start_10 Jemini_Circus_Start_11 Jemini_Circus_Start_12 Jemini_Circus_Start_13 Jemini_Circus_Start_14 Jemini_Circus_Start_15 Jemini_Circus_Start_16 Jemini_Circus_Start_17 Jemini_Circus_Start_18 Jemini_Circus_Start_19 Jemini_Circus_Start_20
Today, the team and performances have changed, yet the company has successfully been entertaining masses.
A  great combination of well trained human and animals. Some of the acts include Russian Stick Balance, Eye Spring Net, Vertical Swinging Acrobat and American ring of death.
Jemini_Circus_Start_22 Jemini_Circus_Start_23 Jemini_Circus_Start_24 Jemini_Circus_Start_25 Jemini_Circus_Start_26 Jemini_Circus_Start_27 Jemini_Circus_Start_28 Jemini_Circus_Start_29 Jemini_Circus_Start_30 Jemini_Circus_Start_31 Jemini_Circus_Start_32 Jemini_Circus_Start_33 Jemini_Circus_Start_34 Jemini_Circus_Start_35 Jemini_Circus_Start_36 Jemini_Circus_Start_37 Jemini_Circus_Start_38
MLA J R Lobo, Mayor Mahabala Marla , promoter Sachindranath, businessman Karunakar, and others were present.

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