BJP women wing on full swing

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Mangalore, Mar 29: Women had gathered in large number to be a part of Bruhat Mahila Samavesha organised by Bharatiya Janata Party and BJP Women Front of Dakshina Kannada on Saturday, 29 March.

The women’s assimilation was held at Subhramany Sabha Sadana here at Mangalore.


Tejasvini Gowda inaugurated the assimilation, giving an inaugural speech she said that, Women have been exploited since ages but it is not going to continue because now we are careful and we know to lead the nation. Women are capable of achieving anything. Women protect the nation, they send their son and husband to look after the boundaries of our nation.


Nation building is our objective, so we have to effectively take part in elections, we should bring more women into administration, she added. India is still considered as a developing and backward country, to change this we should elect BJP. Current Govt. is not doing anything about the exploitation happening to our country, they are not bothered even when our soldiers are being brutally killed by Pakistan military force. BJP is not a Hindu party, we believe in secularism, she said addressing the women gathering.

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Kathyaini Sitaram welcomed the gathering. Sulochana Bhat, Pulasya Rai, Pooja pai, Umavathi Suvarna, Roopa D Bangera, Ravi Shankar Mijar, Yogish Bhat, Jayanti Achar and others were present at the meet.

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