Custom Officials seizes gold worth Rs 8 lakhs found in flight from Dubai

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Mangalore, Mar 5: The customs officials disclosed a delivery of gold that was being smuggled through an Air India Express flight arrived from Dubai to Mangalore Airport on March 4, Tuesday.

The officials acting on the tip off checked of the aircraft after it landed at Mangalore Airport and found gold hidden in a bag place beside the side of a seat.

The passenger who brought this gold from Dubai had got off from the aircraft at the airport, while his associate was supposed to collect this bag after boarding the flight.

According to the officials, such kind of technique was adopted by the gold smugglers during the last some months.

It is recalled that similar case was reported, when a man hailing from Kasargod was arrested for trying to smuggle one kg of gold approximately worth Rs 25 lakhs in October last year. He had also demanded for a particular seat to be given in the Jet Airways aircraft that had landed from Dubai and about to fly to Mumbai. But the suspicion raised by the officials conducted the search and found gold under the seat.

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