A gang of 40 thrash legal Cattle transporters at Pumpwell

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Mangalore, Feb 28: A group 40 people had brutally thrashed five persons, legally transporting five cows in a vehicle at Pumpwell on February 27, Thursday.

The assaulted victims are identified as Shabeer (24), Cibi Cherian (44), Assam Sibilo (33), Dominique Topo (40) and Naufal (26).

It is learnt that these five were carrying cattle in a vehicle from Nelyady to Pariyaram, Kerala to hand over them to Thangamma Sebastian who has purchased it.

The assaulters thrashed them black and blue, without listening about their words of bearing the valid documents, which proves it to be a legal transportation.

Mangalore Rural police arrived at the spot and confirmed that the cattle were being legally transported.

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