Bhatkal: In the wake of old enmity, lethal assault on two; one in serious condition, angry people set fire on two bikes.

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Kundapur;Feb 25 : A case of lethal assault on two friends in the wake of old enmity and attempted killing by pouring kerosene on them was reported on Feb 24,Monday late night at  Bhatkal’s Karikal road


Local residents Aboobucker and Saleekh were the victims of an assault. Among the two, Abuboocker sustained critical injuries in the incident and receiving treatment in Kundapur private hospital.



Details of the incident:

Abuboocker and Saleekh were friends and were involved in fishing trade. It was told that at around 9 pm on Monday, Saleekh called Abuboocker over phone to go for fishing. Abuboocker, who was having supper then, has agreed. When both of them were moving towards the fishing port in Bhatkal, a gang of seven persons approached them in a Maruti Eeco vehicle. One among them was a friend of Abuboocker, and they had a friendly exchange of words. The gang invited the duo to come into their vehicle, promising to drop them at the port. Accordingly both Abuboocker and Saleekh boarded into the car.


It is said that within some distance of the port, the car diverted the route of port road, and the gang started to assault the duo. Two persons seated in the back seat reportedly tightened a cable around Abuboocker’s neck, and stabbed Abuboocker with a knife in the abdomen region. They were gagged and their hands were tied. The youth then poured kerosene on them and were about to torch them, when Saleekh succeeded in running away.


The miscreants then tossed Abuboocker near the road. Abuboocker, whose life was facing grave danger, continued to writhe in pain for long, before people came there and took him to Kundapur, duly escorted by the police.


Abuboocker later said that the gang was formed by the members of an organization functioning in Bhatkal, who now and then keep creating trouble for some or the other reason. He said that this gang had encroached some land, and profited to the tune of crores of rupees in the bargain. He says that the gang had scores to settle against Saleekh, and that he was assaulted because of the fact that he was with Saleekh at that time, and personally he did not have enmity against any of the gang members.



Bhatkal police have registered a case. Investigation is on.


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