Kundapur: A resentful butcher son kills his father for trivial reason at Bidkalkatte

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Kundapur; Feb 20: In an incident, wherein a  resentful butcher son in a drunken stupor killed his father for trivial reason of not giving betel leaves on Feb 20,Thursday early morning at Bidkalkatte


Narayana Naika, aged 57, was the unfortunate father who was murdered by his son and Narasimha, aged 26, was the butcher son, who committed murder.


Narayana Naika was suffering from paralysis and he had four sons and two daughters.Narasimha was the second amongst all and was doing coolie works. He was addicted to excessive alcohol. As an alcoholic, he would come home drunk every night and create a scene and pick up a quarrel with family members for trivial reasons, sources said.


It is learnt that even on Feb 19, Wednesday night, Narasimha came home heavily inebriated and asked for betel leaves at around 3.00 am in the morning with his father. When his father denied, he picked a quarrel with his father. In a fit of rage, he grabbed a sickle and wooden stick and hit Narayana from backwards and forwards, injuring him fatally. When the family members came to stop him, he also threatened them with dire consequences.


Narayana lay on the ground outside the house due to son’s torture and other family members gave him water even as Narasimha watched.  Without showing any sympathy or courtesy or expiation, son remained unmoved and went to sleep, it said.


Narayana Naika, who was lying on the ground in front of the house with all the injuries on all over his body, breathed his last there only.


When police was informed immediately about the incident, they came and arrested Narasimha, who was sleeping.



This case was registered in Kota police station and police is conducting an inquiry.



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