Shirlalu: Mysterious death of newly-wed pregnant woman; murder allegation against husband

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Karkala; Feb 20: In an incident, a newly-wed pregnant woman, who married a boy from another caste five months before, died under mysterious condition at her husband’s house on Feb 20, Thursday morning in Shirlalu Hadiangady of Karkala taluk.


The newly-wed Malini, second wife of Ashok Jain, a resident of Shirlalu was the woman, who died under mysterious circumstances. A lot of doubts have arisen about her death. Parents of the deceased have alleged that Ashok Jain was the prime accused in the murder of his wife with the involvement of other two women in this murder. They have demanded for their arrest and thorough investigation.


Details of the incident:

Ashok Jain, a resident of Shirlal, driver by profession was married in the past 6-7 years ago and then his wife was died suspiciously. Though there were lots of doubts about the involvement of Ashok Jain in this death, the case was dropped due to the lack of proper investigation.


Thereafter, Ashok Jain, who was working as driver on contract basis in a private bus on Ajekar-Udupi route, developed a friendship with Malini, a resident of Dondarangady, studying in Udupi Law College, who used to travel in the same bus daily. Gradually when this friendship converted into love, the parents of the girl did come to about their affair and fiercely objected for this relationship. In spite of parent’s intense objection and protest, the marriage between Ashok Jain and Malini took place on Sept 03, 2013 in one of the temples and attended Ajekar police station on Sept 05, 2013 seeking protection. Then the police presented both of them in the court to register their marriage officially.


In spite of her mother’s repeated request with her daughter to come back home, the stubborn Malini vehemently told her mother that ‘if I want to live or to die’that is along with Ashok only. Then without any other option, parents left her alone and went back empty handed.


Thereafter she was happily living her family life with Ashok with mutual understanding at her husband’s house according to the people of the area.

Though it was hearing from the people that Ashok Jain in the past also, it was his hedonism to enjoy fun with lots of innocent girls and finally say good bye to them but what unfortunate Malini wanted from Ashok was his pure love. In the police station, though Malini’s mother was narrating about his first wife’s mysterious death, Malini never, ever ready to accept that claim and was protecting her husband in this regard.

Malini’s parents alleged that Ashok had an illegal relationship with Jyothi and Geeta,a residents of Donderangady and these two ladies only introduced Malini to Ashok and fraudulently made Ashok to marry Malini and thereby deceived Malini, they alleged.

When the media personnel questioned Ashok in this murder case, Ashok said one lady called Jodi Jain came to the house and told Malini that you have married a boy from another caste and pressurized Malini leave him and insisted her to return gold coin, which she gave to her. Unable to bear this mental torture she consumed poison and died, he said in his statement.

Again when media personnel questioned, how do you know Jyothi? Then he became nervous and told them that she was Malini’s friend. With this answer of Ashok, it appears that he was hiding something in disclosing.

Parents of Malini demanded that as Ashok Jain was directly involved in this murder case, criminal case has to be registered against him. Number of public has assembled in the police station premises and in order to avoid any untoward incident, heavy police security was put on high alert.


  1. very sad really shocking news and she is pregnant also is very bad. I thinking, the mother and father of the Malini give love affections now then she is try to leave the incident in her mind and coming happy coming days in her feature.

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