Modi assures Mangaloreans to ‘Modi’fy the nation with youth skills

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Mangalore, Feb 18: As soon as the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi entered Nehru Maidan to participate in the ‘Bharata Gellisi’ public rally, thousands of gathered fan followers and BJP activists started chanting of ‘Hara Hara Modi Jai Jai Modi’.

Although Modi was to address over one lakh audience at the venue at 3.30 pm, he reached at 4.40, but still the large number of audience were seated  with enthusiasm to get a glimpse of Modi.

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On the occasion, Modi stated his speech with Tulu words for the people of Tulunadu, saying ‘Karavali Karnatakada yanna mokeda  bandhule namaskara’ ‘Bharat mata ki ..Jai’.

Further, Modi said that everyone has to vote for the country and not for the person. Vote for nation and not any party. Congress is like an epidemic disease which spreads corruption and this Election is the medicine for all.

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He also said that his visit to the city with new hope to seek vote for the upcoming 2014 elections, which will answer most questions of India’s development.

Modi said that 2009 elections Congress promised ‘employment for all’ but has deviated from the same. During NDA government six crore twenty seven thousand people were employed, whereas only 72 lakh people were employed in the UPA rule.

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 Speaking on skill development, he said that Skill development is the key for the youth. Although Delhi government speaks about Skill development but for 10 years has been a silent spectator. We can produce zero defect garments and strengthen the poorest of the poor.

Country’s youth have the power to excel in IT. But they are always stuck in low end and contended with job. He urged the youth to wake up and excel and think of high end technology.

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Former chief minister D.V.Sadananda Gowda said that Modi is the Change that India wants to see. BJP shall soon make the nation wealthy, rich and also progressive.

The schemes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana , setting up of PHC’s and welfare of all, impetus of IT, BT will be the hallmark of BJP governance.

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UPA government is playing with the future of the country. In these ten years, government has seen rampant corruption, cross border terrorism and various scams. Shame on such governance, he laments.

Addressing the gathering MP Nalin Kumar said that Modi is a great leader and can bring revolution. A ray of hope has come to Mangalore from Gujarat to wipe out the darkness. PM Manmohan Singh’s tenure in UPA is the most corrupted one, which has gifted Terrorism using bombs. Hence, People have decided to transform the country and opt for Modi to be a corrupt free leader.

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VandeMataram by Shankar Shanbhogue and group reverbs Nehru Maidan. The dignitaries were accorded with Musical Welcome.

BJP state president Prahlad Joshi welcomes Narendra Modi. Iron tools for Statue of Unity was presented to Modi.

Prathap Simha Nayak,  Dakshina Kannada District president, BJP  welcomes the gathering.

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Vidhana Parishath member M.B.Bhanuprakash, Karkala MLA Sunil Kumar, vice-president Sulochana G.K.Bhat, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, Kerala State secretary Surendran, former MLA Kota Srinivas Poojary, MLC Monappa Bhandary, MLC Capt.Ganesh Karnic, former MLA’s C.T.Ravi, J.Krishna Palemar, B.Nagraj Shetty, N.Yogish Bhat present on the occasion.

Free butter milk was distributed to the people gathered at the venue.

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