Mangalore: Activists seek transparency, end to Netravathi River diversion

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Mangalore: Activists seek transparency, end to Netravathi  River  diversionTransparency in administration and dropping the plan to divert the Netravathi River to provide drinking water to parched districts of the State, are some of the changes that observers of the State’s development want.

Writer Sara Aboobacker says she wants the new government to make use of taxes in a transparent and proper way. She cites the example of city libraries. They are not in a position to buy books even though the government has been collecting library cess from people. “It is sad to see uncivilised conduct of politicians facing charges of misconduct, once again coming before us with an assurance of good rule.”

Line-drawing artist and environmentalist Dinesh Holla said it was difficult to choose a candidate based on an issue as all assurances made would go up in air after candidate gets elected. Elected representatives show least concern for issues that affect people, he said. “Take the case of diversion of the Netravathi River. Elected representatives are least concerned about the wildlife, nature or drinking water needs. They are more concerned about money they get from this mega project.”

Environmentalist and founder of erstwhile Athree Book Centre G.N. Ashokvardhan, who loathes the promises that candidates make, has his own approach to the elections. “I look for the candidate who is the least inefficient,” he declares. But he has his reasons. He does not keep any issue in mind as actions that are assured during campaign are not brought into effect after the election. “I did confront BJP partymen about some of the promises they made in 2008. They did not have any answers,” he said.

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