Kundapur: Star luster in Kundapur; happy cinelovers after seeing their favorite actor-actress

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Kundapur; Feb 02: After the inauguration of the Billawa Samaja Seva Sangha’s Shree Narayanaguru air-conditioned Sabha Bhavan, in the cultural and stage programme, the milling crowd housed in Kundapur Gandhi ground since Saturday morning. Anxiously coming ocean of people to see their favorite actor-actress was in great force. Curiosity with everybody, who is all, might be coming, Hatrick hero Shiva raj Kumar or power star Puneet Rajkumar might be coming, with this expectation thousands of fans, lovers assembled in the place.


At this time, along with Dr.Rajkumar’s intimate family friend, Bangalore entrepreneur Kundapur Vakvady origin V.K.Mohan arrived Kannada film Industry’s actor Vijayaraghavendra,Chocolate hero Diganth,actresses like Ragini Dwivedhi,Aindrita  Ray ,was the attractive centre of the stage programme.



Actor-Actress, who arrived on the stage in between the stage programme have been welcomed with clapping and whistles by the people. The actor-actress, who seated on the dais, expressed their happiness after seeing the crowd of more than fifteen thousand. At this time actress Ragini Dwivedhi and actor Diganth gave flying-kiss to spectators and fans by waving their hands and thereby attracted the youth force.


Sharing the experience of the programme on the stage with the people gathered, actor Digantha said that after attending this programme, he felt extremely happy and added that only when youth community and  in education come forward, society will prosper and sang “ Jaji Mallige Node Kedagada Hoove Node”one filmy song.


Addressing fans and lovers, Ragini Dwivedhi sang “Geleyane Nanna Geleyane Tiliyade Nanna Seledane” song from Kempegowda film. Tapping of the foot in tune with the song of Digantha “Tuppa Beka Tuppa” on the stage, Ragini enthralled the thousands of audience.


Diganth,while speaking said that he loves Kundapur sea and many times he came along with his father  in the past and he is very eager to eat ‘Kane Fish’.Kundapur’s language is unique and different. Many directors have tried to adopt this language in cimema.At this time he sang one song from the film he acted “Yarigelona Namma problem”.


He also said that there are many artists in the coastal region interested in arts and it is the high time to provide the suitable platform to them and it is the need of the hour, he said.


As per the invitation of Vakvady Mohananna, attending such a huge programme gave him a great satisfaction and happiness, he shared his experience of the programme.


While speaking Aindrita Ray said in her speech that viewers of the rural region by watching the film attentively understand the substance, message of the movies and she loves the mos,t the women fans, lovers, she said.


At the end of the programme, while returning Ragini Dwivedhi went to the gathered fans and lovers, gave her autographs and took photos with them.

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