MANGALORE: Students confess secrets online: Most confessions are fake, says student

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MANGALORE: College students in Mysore and Mangalore are confessing their dark secrets on Facebook. Of course, anonymously.

While students of Mysore institutions like National Institute of Engineering, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, St Philomena’s College, JSS Medical College, SDM Institute of Management Development and SBRR Mahajana’s

First Grade College have created confession pages, those in Manipal are posting on the Manipal Confessions page and SAC Confession.

The administrator of the Mysore pages is not known.

Those who want to confess have to be from the respective college or an alumni and send the message to the administrator who withholds the name while posting the comment.

Most confessions are fake, says student

NIE’s page administrator told TOI, “We allow them to share their experiences in college, relationship with friends and family or even lecturers. We provide an opportunity for boys and girls to confess their love for someone.” Some students share their anxiety about not getting placed in campus recruitment. Interestingly, many students advise the confessor to be strong.

JSS Medical College student Rahul MH said: “It’s fun. A lot of the gossip is true, but there’s fake stuff too.” Venkatesh Kumar, a third-year engineering student in Manipal, says most confessions are fake. “More than posting confessions, many enjoy reading gossip and others’ personal secrets,” he said.

Confessions range from personal problems and experiences, hate messages about classmates and professors. Amit Nandan P of NIE College said: “Confessions and proposals are fun as long as they don’t turn into allegations. Some are inspirational; others vulgar”.

While over 6,000 youths like Manipal Confessions page, more than 300 like SAC Confession. On this page, one girl confessed: “I’ve always wanted to check out the gents’ room. Heard it’s gross.”

An engineering student said, “I confessed I had a crush on a faculty member.” As many students cannot express their feelings in person, they’ve started going the e-way, said Varnavi Kashi, a III-year BA journalism student. Aabis Arsiwala, a third-year engineering student said: “When I’m stressed out by studies, I enjoy reading some crazy posts on this page.”

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