Manipal: To raise awareness of the health of the population, A physician roams across India in cycle

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Manipal; Dec 22: To raise health awareness among the people and for the propagation of humanity, one physician, who on his way to Thiruvananthapura from Kashmir by bicycle arrived to Manipal.

About 25 years ago, he, who received a medical degree from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal and was residing abroad so far and was involved himself in many social services, is the physician Dr.Unni Karunakaran, who is touring across India with the resolution of creating an awareness about the health among the people.

Addressing the media reporters Dr.Unni said that his adventurous journey from Kashmir was started on last October 12 and has decided to reach Thiruvananthapur on February,01,2014  by covering 5000 km by bicycle and put an end for his glorious feat.

He further said that within 100 days by visiting 10 states and staying at 65 places, he tries to create awareness about health. While covering 5000 km, he will visit 10 medical colleges those are available on the way and share his experiences and knowledge with future doctors. His purpose is to terminate his adventurous tour on February 01 at Thiruvananthapur.

He further said that he was very fond of cycle riding right from the beginning. In 1988, when he was the medical student of Kasturba medical college in Manipal, he travelled to Delhi from Srinagar by bike. Though I had a dream of touring whole country at that time, now after 25 years it is becoming reality, he said.

Dr.Unni further said that though there are many medical colleges in the country and doctors are coming out of colleges, health awareness among public has not been created yet and no adequate health service is available to every citizen, which is very deplorable he said.

In between in 1999,doctor,who received Nobel prize for his social service, is the member of “Doctor without Border -MSF” a medical organization and has become international president during the period 2010-2013.

MSF is physician’s independent organization with 35,000 physician members in 70 countries taking care of public health related problems.

At the time of earth quake, natural disaster, war, communicable diseases out-break, they visit the affected places and take care of about the health of affected people. Last year alone, they saved 1, 85,000 safe delivery and 7, 00,000 people of contagious diseases by giving anti disease injections, he added

In India also, this organization is actively doing its work in Bihar, Manipur, Maharashtra, Jammu-Kashmir, Chattisgad, Andhra Pradesh and Nagaland, Dr.Unni said.

Besides, he also informed that on Dec 22, Sunday, morning at 7.00 am, he leaves from Manipal to Bangalore via Mangalore.

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