Udupi: Attempted rape in Matsyagandha train; arrest of the Udupi young man

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Udupi; Dec 21: Thane police have arrested an Udupi based young man Abdul Samad on charges of attempted rape in Matsyagandha train.

The affected 20-year old young woman, fashion designer by profession boarded the train at Maharashtra’s Kudal railway station. Realizing that young woman is alone, 28-year old mischief-monger has set a foot on her by talking gently. Besides he also offered her cold drink to drink.

But woman by doubting his behavior did not talk much with him and she took precaution by not drinking even cold drink, which he gave. At the same time because of her presence of mind, called her brother through her mobile and informed the matter to him.

Worried brother of young woman instantly called Ratnagiri police and railway security forces and informed the matter to them.Matsyagandha train, on reaching the Ratnagiri railway station, contacted the woman. As the train about to cross the territory, Ratnagiri police have suggested her free to lodge a complaint with Panvel police and suggested both young woman and young man to travel in the same train.

Here noticeable thing is, Ratnagiri police have not even bothered to enquire that mischief-monger youth casually. Disturbed with this kind of attitude of Ratnagiri police, young woman complained to TC, even he did not bother to listen her complaint. As the train reaches Thane railway station, young woman complained to Thane police station and they arrested the accused and conducted an inquiry.

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