Sowjanya’s case shows the struggle of South Indian women: Babu Gogineni

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Mangalore, Dec 17: Babu Gogineni, Executive Director of London based International Humanist and Ethical Union urged the state government to probe into cases of rape and murder of Sowjanya and other unnatural death taken place in Dakshina Kannada district from last 26 years.

Addressing the press meet held at Press Club on Dec 17, Tuesday, he said that “Sowjanya’s case is symbolic of struggle of South Indian Women and needs same action and attention that the Nirbhaya case received. People should come forward and fight for justice. ”Gogineni added.

It is unfortunate that while Nirbhaya’s rapists were caught within a year of the crime Sowjanya’s parents are still awaiting justice even after 14 months have passed. Is this disparity because of the fact that Nirbhaya’s rape happened in national capital while Sowjanya was murdered in a small village such as Belthangady.

 He further said that in spite of conducting so many protests, the government has failed to handover the case for CBI inquiry. The influential people under the pressure of protestors have agreed to conduct the CBI probe; hence the government must conduct the investigation under the surveillance of Supreme Court to give a neutral stand.


“Sowjanya’s parents will be taken to New Delhi where they will present their case, the matter will also be brought before the United Nations Human Rights Council. Such a horrific crime was committed on a child and we were shocked to that the Police Department has not even till this date has not given the charge sheet to the Child Welfare Committee chairperson despite it being a quasi judicial body.”Gogineni said.

“The alarming factor is that of total suicides 60 per cent deceased include young women. Now the question should be raised as to why young women are committing suicide. What is driving them towards such a decision? Is there an underlying social or psychological problem? If that is so then counseling should be done? If this is not the case then are the women being killed? Gogineni questioned

Prof Narendra Nayak from the Federation of humanists Organization said that there are many religious centres in the Dakshina Kannnada, but none of the places have witnessed such kind of brutal incident.

Sowjanya’s mother Kusumavathi and uncle Vittal Gowda were present at the present.

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