Udupi: Failed attempt to rob cash from ATM machine – Police investigating

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Udupi; Dec 10: It was reported on Dec 09, Monday late night that thieves who entered the Corporation Bank ATM kiosk and broken ATM machine and CCTV but failed in their attempt to steal money from the ATM machine according to preliminary investigation.




Sources said that the ATM machine was shifted from Sastan to Pandeshwar a few months ago. When Arun Louis, customer and a resident of Sastan came to withdraw money at around 8.00 am in the morning, on Dec 10, Tuesday, rolling shutter of ATM machine was half opened. When he enquired with adjacent shopkeeper, he said machine might not be functioning. When opened the shutter completely, he was shocked to see the ATM machine and CCTV broken. Miscreants had also damaged the tube light outside the bank.





After seeing all these, Arun informed the locals and Kota police, who arrived at the spot and conducted an investigation.



Dog squad found only iron rod..!!

A dog squad from Udupi was allowed to trace the clue on Tuesday noon and they found an iron rod from a bush in a vacant place behind of bank on the left side of ATM and search continued upto highway. Fingerprint experts also have conducted an investigation. Investigation is in progress.




Sources also said that a few months ago only, Bank’s branch along with ATM machine was shifted from Sastan to Pandeshwar.The ATM machine was situated 20 meters away from the highway and can be seen from highway. But no security guard has been appointed and there was no light outside the ATM machine even.




According to the available information, the last transaction in the ATM was at 9.12 pm on Monday by the bank employ and CCTV was damaged at 2.02 am. The ATM machine was broken at 2.09 am and failed attempt was done to rob the money.



Bank officials came on Tuesday afternoon and examined all the sceneries of CCTV footage.

Brahmavar circle police inspector Arun Nayak, Kota Sub-inspector K R Naik and staff visited the place and conducted an investigation. Police investigation is in progress.



When came for withdrawal of cash for shopping at around 8.00 am shutter of the ATM was half closed. When the shutter was opened completely, incident came to light. Now in villages also ATM thefts are occurring and hence banks need to ensure security for ATMs and the customers, said Arun Louis, a local resident expressing their anguish at the incident.

After Bangalore incident, in order to provide security to ATM centres, an appeal has already been sent to higher authorities to appoint security guard, said Choma Nayak, bank manager.

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