Treatment & Care at ”Vishwasada Mane” led six people to live life again…

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Udipi: Six people  were sent to their respective original places after their recovery from Shankarpura”Vishwasada Mane” (Trusted house-a Rehabilitation centre).

Janaki aged 65, who was wandering near the road side was brought to trusted house on 10.12.2007 and was given her a treatment. After the treatment, she started recovering from her illness and recollected her memories and told that she was from Thanjavoor, Madurai.

It has been reported that on 05.04.2013, Friday, A team of workers from Rehabilitation Centre had sent Janaki to Thanjavoor by spending from the centre.

She was married with two children and had been missing for the past fourteen years from the hospital, where she was taken for her treatment. She was welcomed happily by her husband, children and rest of her family members.

On 10.06.2011, Mallamma, aged 55 was roaming like mentally deranged woman in Malpe market was taken by the people of Vishwasada Mane (trusted house) and treated. After recovering from her illness she was started saying that I want to go to my native place and I am from Varlakonda.After collecting correct details of her address, she was sent back to her home.


She was married with two children but unfortunately expired due to some untold reasons. As a result of which she had become mentally sick and had been missing for the last five years.

On 22.01.2013 another woman by name Malati was loitering in Mangalore road side like a mentally depressed woman and was admitted in Vishwasada Mane by the volunteers.


On the basis of the address provided by Malati, volunteers of trusted house took her to Ananthavarapadu and upon enquiry it was understood that 38 years old Malati was a drop out from the school and married with two children. Her husband was staying with his two children in a separate house at Hyderabad. Depressed by this, she had left the house and came to Mangalore accidentally.

Mentally roaming Shanthi, in Kalyanpura bus shelter was brought to Vishwasada Mane by their volunteers and was given relevant treatment. Now after recovering, she started telling that she is from Velur.

Accordingly on 04.04.2013 shanthamma has been rejoined with her family members. She was married 33 years back and with three children-one boy and 2 girls. Mentally ill Shanthamma had been missing from home since 10 years


On 19.12.2009 Veeraswamy, who was wandering in Mangalore Railway Station was brought to the centre and treated him. After his recovery, centre could succeed in sending him back to Madurai on 05.04.2013.Before he was working with one Gum factory. After he left his first wife, he married for the second time and had been missing for 23 years. Now he was happily welcomed by his mother and sisters after recognizing him.


On 04.01.2011 a man called Hari Babu was loitering like a mad man in the vicinity of Brahmagiri, Udipi, was brought to the centre by the volunteers and administered required treatment and was sent back to his native place Ambudhala Palli in Andhra Pradesh after his recovery. He was married with two children and was living with his parents. He was beating his parents due to his mental instability and had been missing from home since five years.


It has been reported that there are still 50 recovered people in Vishwasada Mane (rehabilitation centre-trusted house) of Shankarpura but for want of their correct address, centre could not send them back to their respective places so far.

This  centre was established in the year 2000 and has been doing all these wonderful jobs of helping the destitues,poor and sick people ever since its inception and is now requesting financial aid from the likeminded donors. Your financial help for this noble cause  is highly appreciated and will go a long way.

  Source : Shubalaxmi-Kadekar


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