Illegal money trail: Brother of accused Mushtaq dies by cardiac arrest in train

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Mangalore, Nov 30: Illegal money transaction accused Mushtaq’s elder brother, died of cardiac arrest during a train journey on Friday November 29.

The deceased is Ubaid (50). He was on his way to Mangalore from Patna by train.

Ubaid, who had travelled to Bihar along with Abdul Majeed to help Mushtaq to get a lawyer to fight for him were on their way back to Mangalore. They were travelling by train from Patna to Bangalore via Kolkata.

After completing the necessary procedures, they left from Bihar by train on Friday morning. The train was scheduled to move via Kolkata and stop at Bangalore.

However, when the train had moved about 200 km, Ubaid suffered cardiac arrest. The staff in the train rushed to his help and as soon as the train reached Kolkata, they took him to SSMK Hospital there. He breathed his last soon after.

Ubaid was working in Saudi Arabia and had returned one month back. He is survived by three sons and wife.

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