D.K. district BJP alleges CM responsible for farmer’s suicide

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Mangalore, Nov. 28: D.K. district BJP alleged that the state government is the direct responsible for the sugarcane growers suicide a Belgum in front of Suvarna Soudha.

If the government worked with responsibility and the CMs perverse attitude took the life of farmer they opined.

They also said that the protest of the formers going on in front of the sadhan but government did not respond to the problems of the formers. If the CM cares for the problems of the formers they will get confidence but they didn’t do that. They do not take the problems of the farmers seriously so it ended with the suicide of farmer. So the govt. is responsible for it.

The district BJP also alleged the sugar minister Praksh Hukkeri.

So the CM and the sugar minister should take the responsibility of the farmers suicide and should resign the post said BJP spokesman Sathish Prabhu.

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