Garuda Security cheating case: Sudatta Jain says labour department is responsible

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Mangalore, Nov 27: Labour department stays responsible for the security guards being cheated by the proprietor of Garuda Security & Personnel Service in Pumpwell said Sudatta Jain, General Secretary of Akhila Bharata Karmika Sangha.

Addressing the media at Press Club on Nov 27, Wednesday, he said that According to the information, there are 102 security firms functioning in DK district, but the labourers are just 502. More than 100 labourers are working in one security firm. In spite of requesting the labour department to conduct the survey and collect the details of all the laborers, they have failed to do it, which resulted in guard security cheating case, he added

As per the information gained by the labourers, the owner of Garuda security had written a letter to DC, Labour department and Police commissioner stating to close the firm, due to financial problem and hence he urged them to provide security to him. The firm which has taken the necessary documents from the labourers has not returned it back to them, which is required for other job opportunity.

He also said, “When the labourers complained about the matter to the concerned department, they rudely answered of not having any responsibility, regarding the documents.

Jain also said that the labour union will protest against such department for their irresponsible statement and negligence towards the labourers.

Garuda Security Firm labourers Vijay Kumar Bhat, Damodharan G, H Ismai and Gopalkrishna were present.

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