Illegal money trail: Bihar Police arrest two more in the city

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Mangalore, Nov 23: The Bihar police who arrested Aysha Banu and Zubair on the charges of illegal money trail some days ago at Panjinamogaru, once again came came to Mangalore and arrested two people connection with the same.

The Bihar police on Saturday November 23 arrested Mohammed Asif, a BBM student of Kanachur College and resident of Ablamogeru. Another person’s identification is not yet, but sources said that he is from Bajpe.

Bihar police visited Asif’s house on Saturday and searched his house. At 1.30 pm, he was produced in court and taken to Bihar for further investigations it is learnt.

The sources said that Zubair used to call Asif on the phone frequently and it is suspected that they have some link in the illegal money trail.

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