Terrorist ‘Attack’ in Mangalore..!: A Mock drill by Police department

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Mangalore, Nov 8: Two terrorists attacked to a under construction building near Rozario School Pandeshwar and had kept three persons as captive.  Then they were caught by the Central for Counter Terrorism (CCT) personnel, Bangalore with the help of local police.



This is not a real incident. A mock drill was played by district police department on Friday Nov. 8th at under construction building near Rozario School.

In this mock drill police were in rounds with guns around the building. The people were watching all this with fear and curiosity.  The terrorists demanded 11 crore rupees and to release Yaseen Bhatkal an Indian Mujahideen member if they want the captives alive.



At about 12 noon, police team led by IGP (western range) Prathap Reddy arrived at the spot. Joining hand with the CCT team, the cops plunged into action and in exchange of fire, one terrorist was died while the other was injured.



The CCT has been conducting training in Mangalore over the last three days. They showed the things which was snatched from the terrorists and fake bomb etc.

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