Udupi: With new ray of hopes “Hucchuhudugra”Hudugata; full voota bidi benkipatna

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Udupi; Nov 04: For the last few days in Udupi ‘Hucchuhudugra’ team is engaged in fun and merry making. This picture team is camping in Udupi, who came to attend one programme in Malpe today. Not only re-make but by preserving the Kannada culture, Hucchudugara team is hoping for big break.



 Now we are going to tell about the movie ‘Hucchudugaru’.This is the first film of RJ Pradeep, who has been with Radio city for the last seven years as radio jockey. This picture is being produced under the banner of Bhagavati pictures.Vedhamurthy will be the producer and story-screen play executive director will be Raghu Hasan, basically from Hasan.After completing his education, his crazy for cinema, brought him to Bangalore.



Raghu Hasan, who has been with director Prem RJ since ten years. Along with the pooja for recording of songs of ’Hucchudugaru’, which will be held on Feb 20, already 95% of the shooting has been completed and in post-production stage. Being the first attempt of Bhagavati pictures, the movie has been picturized in Nanjanagoodu, Mysore, Shreeranga Pattana, Madduru and Bangalore


This picture has been shot in red epic camera, some scenes have been picturized in HDR format.Speciality of this film is no female voice in any one of the songs. There five songs like ‘Harakalu Angi, Yarannu kelali, Arara Payana Saguthidhe, Summaniradhene, Sagidhe nodu.


Director Prem, Sonu Nigam, Haricharan, Hariharan, Vijayaprakash, sang the songs and given melodious experience to the ears. Raghu Hasan, Kaviraj, V.Anand Priya, K.Kalyan have filled the aroma of literature in songs


Music director Joshua Sridhar has excellently ,brilliantly composed the songs for ‘Hucchudugaru’.Earlier to this, he has composed the songs in Kannada for Love guru,Arasu,Ganabajana,in tamil vappam,kadal.Besides he also composed hits songs with A.R.Rehman and  Mani Sharma.


There are four heroes in this film like Chetanchandra, Amit Vishwanath, Deva and Pratapraj.

Earlier to this, hero Chetanchandra has got the experience of acting in PUC, Premisam, Rajadhani, Kumbha rashi and in this fllm appears as Shiva.

Amit vishwanatharaj was the winner of Raj music and acted in Chaddi Dost and autoraja.Also acted in serial Chakravaka, SSLC, and Nanmakkalu.Basically from Chickmagalur, is another hero in Hucchudugaru. He will act as Shankar and his first film in Sandalwood.


Another hero, Mandya Ptratapraj will appear as Nanjunda with his different gestures, poses. Now remaining is heroine, Hucchudugaru movie’s heroine, who created her name through serial that is none other than Aditi Rao.Earlier to this, she acted in Dove, her first film and Hucchudugru is her second film. She will appear as Paru, Chetanchandran’s lover

Co-producer Pushkar Mallikarjun,dialogues DC Sudarshan,photography  Shaman Mithru,collection Johnny Harsha, dance V.Nagesh,lighting Prakash Gokak and Shekar,costume designer K.Ganesh,Adventue different Danny, art Prabhu,Production and management Raja took the responsibility.

Villain Ravi Shankar and other roles Sadhu Kokila,Thabala Nani,Ravindranath,Shankar Ashwath,Biradhar Hucchudugaru works and hoping for new hopes.

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