Mumbai: Through social service, life is meaningful-says Hiriadka Mohandas: 88th AGM in Mumbai

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Mumbai;Oct 31 : Devadiga Sangha,Mumbai, 88th annual general body meeting was held at Devadiga Bhavana,Nerul,New Mumbai on 27.10.2013 . Shree Hiriadka Mohandas, president of the Devadiga Sangha has chaired the function.Shree.Sundara.S.Moily, general secretary, after welcoming the members, read out 87th annual AGM report and 2012-2013 working committee annual report was approved in the AGM.

Joint -treasurer Shree Ramesh .B. Devadiga and shree Umesh .R. Devadiga have approved audited books of accounts for the year 2012-13 along with income-expenditure accounts (Budget) for the year 2013-14 in the AGM

Annual AGM report, books of accounts and budget have been unanimously approved in the AGM.M/s.Sadashiva & Co has been re-appointed as the auditor for the year 2013-14.

Shree Shankar S Moily,Shree Raghu A Moily,Shree Gunapal Udupi,Dr.Rekha.C.devadiga,smt.MalathiJ.Moily,Shree K.K.Nanda,Shree Ramesh.J.Ullal,Shree Dayanand.M.Devadiga,shree S.P.Karmaran,Smt.Jayanti.M.Devadiga,Shree Shailesh.J.devadiga,Prabhakar.S.Devadiga,Shree.Umesh Devadiga,Shree Ganesh Sherigar,Shree.K.K.Mohandas,Shree Janardhan Sherigar Sural,shree Gopinath Rao,Shree Padmanabha.A.Devadiga were all spoken in the meeting and expressed their individual opinions and lauded  and commended the progress of the Sangha.

Addressing the meeting, Shree Hiriadka Mohandas said in his presidential address that during his tenure of three years, for the connection between the community members in different places of Mumbai, appreciated his contribution of opening the local regional co-ordination committee. He appreciated the involvement of Mahila Vibhaga, Yuva Sanghatane and Yuva samiti in various Sangha’s activities.

While thanking all the sub regional committees and its members for their support during the three years of his social service in the capacity as president of the sangha to lead this society towards progressive society. He said that all these three years of service for the welfare of society were his memorable days, he said.

He further mentioned about the celebration of centennial year in 2025.In order to celebrate centennial year in 2025, we have to prepare from now onwards. As a pre-preparation for the centennial year, the new executive committee has to be formed and obtain suggestions from all the regional sub-committee members for Devadiga vision 2025.

Finally, he thanked all the community members for their whole hearted support during the tenure in the office as president of the Sangha and to lead this sangha towards progressive society.

The new committee for the 2013-2016 year has been formed in the meeting.Shree Vasu.s.Devadiga has been appointed as president of Sangha unanimously along with 19 members un-opposed.

The team-Devadiga has bagged the runners up trophy in Kabaddi sports events, organized by Mulund bunts. The members of the Kabadi team Yashanth Devadiga, Kiran Devadiga and Bhushan Devadiga have been felicitated in the meeting.

He also thanked shree Gopal.M.Moily, K.K.Mohandas and Janardhan Sherigar sural for their overall support.

During three years of his tenure, Sangha’s achievements are highly remarkable in the history of 88 years. To commemorate his achievements during three years, he and his wife Pradhnya Mohandas have been felicitated in front of committee members and former president by presenting shawl, flower bouquet and memento and congratulated them.

The meeting was started with the prayer by smt.Ranjani Moily and in the end Sundar.C.Moily proposed vote of thanks and along with national anthem function was concluded.

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