Karkala:; Union & Bihar Govt directly responsible on Modi’s attack-says MLA

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BJP Yuva morcha stages protest condemning Bihar bomb blast 

Karkala; Oct 28:  Addressing the protestors in the massive rally organized by BJP Yuva morcha, Karkala unit on Oct 28, Monday, Sunil Kumar, legislator condemning the bomb blast in Hoonkar Modi’s rally by Indian Mujahidin terrorist Sanghatanas  said that Bihar government, headed by Nitish Kumar and union government directly held responsible for the incident and lapse in security.


He alleged that in the democratic country, after conducting elections between political parties, winning party should form the government and deliver good governance. When governments are started doing miss-deeds, miss-rule, opposition part’s duty is to bring to the knowledge of the public. When ruling party’s mistakes are being conveyed to general public through these massive rallies, in order to create confusion, panic amongst the people, congress and JDU parties are intentionally failed in providing security arrangements by supporting indirectly this type of hooliganism.

Fed up with the misrule of congress, people have voluntarily started participating in rallies. This for their own witness. In one side, Pakistan is attacking India and on the other side China has taken 18 Km of land at border union and government is taking back seat to take any action against aggression. When we think about all these things, we should wonder, how the government is serious about security system in the country?.


Modi, the man who has challenged for the security and progress of the country, do not care or never shaken by the threatening of bomb blast. The people of the country did come to know about the standard of Nitish Kumar’s administrative skill, low standard administration as he failed in his duty completely by not thinking seriously about the security steps, during  Gujarat ‘s  chief minister and proposed candidate  of future prime minister Modi’s rally.

While speaking, Vidana Parishat member, Captain Ganesh Karnik said in his address that our country is on the verge of foreigner’s attack. Only Modi is the able person, who can pose real challenge, threat to Pakistan’s aggression in order to protect the sovereignty of India.


In the protest BJP senior leader Bola Prabhakar Kamath, Maniraja Shetty, president of local BJP unit, Mahaveer Jain, president BJP Yuva morcha, cmc member Prakash Rao, Sunil K.R, Giridhar Nayak and among others were present.

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