Demanding for Permanent Surveyor of Vessels: Protest at Old Port

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Mangalore, Oct 22: The members of Old Mangalore Port Users’ Association staged a protest in front of the Bunder office of the Old Port here on Tuesday October 22.

The protester demanded the immediate appointment of a permanent surveyor of vessels in Mangalore Port.

The protestors said that the post of the Permanent surveyor of vessels having remained vacant from the past few weeks. It creates problems to the vessel owners if the people appointed to the post come and go.


Mangalore South MLA J R Lobo arrived at the spot and accepted a memorandum submitted by the protestors.

Later he then held a meeting with the officials and directed them to solve the issue on priority basis.

Meanwhile, even as J R Lobo was discussing the issue, chaos erupted at the port when a group of people tried to stop the Lakshadweep vessel from moving out of the harbour. Another group intervened, and soon clashes broke out between the two groups. It is said that except for Lakshadweep vessel, all other vessels and boats had come to a halt in support of the strike, and hence the group forcibly stopped the Lakshadweep vessel.


As the situation raise up, police intervened and calmed down the two groups.

Rafique, Sharan, Harish, Mohammed Sharif, Abdul Latif, Jeevan, Harish Kava, Suresh Nayak, B M Faizal and others were part of the protest.

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