Cab driver returns lost bag containing valuables

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Mangalore, Oct.21: A taxi driver from the city showed his humanity by safe return the valuables left behind by the passengers in their vehicle, to the police station here on Sunday Oct. 20.



The taxi driver is Chandrahas Shettigar. While returning from airport trip he found a bag which included 30 thousand cash and gold worth rupees 2 lac, credit cards, passport, and other valuables between the city and the airport road here.



He thought that the bag is belonged to a passenger of who came from airport, so he took the bag to the airport.



The bag was belonging to couples Vijendara Kumar and his wife, hailing from Pune and residing in an apartment in Falnir in the city. While they travelling from their house to PVS, they lost their bag. They kept their bag in the dickey of the ambassador car. So they gave complaint to the Bunder Police Station. They flashed a wireless message to all the police stations in and around the city.



The police at the airport have received the wireless message from the Bunder police, informed Chandrahas to go Bunder police station where he handed over the valuable to Vijendra Kumar and family.

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