Udupi: This is Govt department or place of worship?

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Udupi; Oct 13: Today everywhere it is an enthusiasm of Ayudha Pooja.It is a common trend that everybody is decorating their vehicles, instruments, articles, which are being daily used  in our day today live with flowers and performing poojas.




But today it was also observed in city’s municipal office and police stations, where their vehicles have been decorated with flowers and were offering poojas.




Here the debatable matter is, in government departments religious celebrations are violation of constitution and anti-law. In our country, there are many religions and castes. But it is true that in constitution, everybody has given an equal opportunity to celebrate their respective religious festivals. But it is confined only at their respective houses but not in government departments.




Today morning it was astonishing to see the beauty of municipal office. It was amazing to see the behavior of educated people like illiterates. Inside the municipal office, by breaking the coconuts, fruits and flowers have been distributed as gracious gifts (Prasadha). Likewise in mobile police station Gajendra, interceptor and other vehicles have been decorated with flowers and offered poojas as per Hindu rituals and celebrated by bursting fire crackers.Similarily Municipal Corporation vehicles have been decorated with flowers.





India is not designated to any particular religion. Everybody has got the right to choose and celebrate the desired, own religious festival. Government is not against any religion or festival. All the religions except in their religious beliefs are equal in the eyes of laws.


In government aided schools there is no scope for religious festival celebrations and publicity. According to Bommai and government of India’s arraignment Supreme Court has been treated as secular India’s one of the important part of the constitution.


In Indian constitution under social equality, everybody has got equal status and opportunities in the society regardless of their religion, caste, creed without any bias. When in government level only, if festivals of this type, representing one particular religion are being celebrated, how the people of other religion trust government authorities. Let them celebrate the occasions of patriotic leaders, great achievers but not the religious festivals in government departments, how far it is relevant? You only tell!!


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  1. There is nothing wrong in celebrating pooja and rituals, it is a tradition before constitution come to existence. Constitution is only to rule the country. All traditions to continue let us not mix up with the constitution.

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