Develop Nation through principles of Gandhi: Namadeva Shenoy

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Mangalore, Oct.2: The development of the country is in gram swarjya. Till now our villages dint get the swarajya said senior freedom fighter Namadeva Shenoy who is also known as Badiyadka Gandi.

He inaugurates the work shop organized by information office of D.K, Balepuni Grama panchayath and NSS of Mangalore University on “Gandhi and Swarjya”.


Gandhi’s principles and non violence is relevant to present situation. In China also Gandhi is known by everyone but in India the youths forget who is Gandhi.

He remembered the programmes, the activities which he took part for the freedom of the country. Then he taught bhajans to the children.


Balepuni Gram panchayath president Girish Belleri presided over the function. The member of the panchayath Santhosh Kumar rai, information officer Rohini, NSS convener Vinitha K were present in the programme. Fransis Los compered the programme.

The NS students of Canara College, Gokarnanatha College, Narayanguru College and Carstreet College cleaned the road of Koraga Colony.

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