Kundapur: ‘Kotiram ‘ mesmerizes crowd like ‘spiderman’ by climbing J.K. tower

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Kundapur;Sept 29: It was an attraction of the attention on Sept 28,Saturday for the people of Kundapur because a man known as Jyothiraj alias Kotiram alias Monkey man, has shown his  brilliant act of climbing any towers, buildings or trees of any height without using any aids for climbing.







Jyothiram,who came to Kundapur to receive felicitation from Kundapur region photographer’s associations, climbed four floors of J.K.Tower  without the help of any rope in a matter of minutes, making the spectators speechless and whole crowd had to cheer him for his wonderful adventure.






Jyothiraj, is basically from Teni district in Tamil Nadu and came to Bagalkote at the very tender age of 5 and worked for several years in one of the Sweets shops and due to some personal problems, he left the job and came to Chitradurga. One day, as he was walking on the road, a local resident Mahadevappa took him to his residence. There he started doing plastering work of the buildings for his livelihood and did not feel like going back to Tamil Nadu.






 Turning point in his life:-As he was continue doing his plastering works, once he felt dejected in his life thinking that he did achieve nothing in life even though he was eighteen years old. He decided to commit suicide by jumping from a mountain and came near to a rock mountain but did not know how to climb it as there were no steps in it. He noticed a monkey, climbing the mountain, he too followed it and climbed like it and slowly reached the top. The tourists nearby mistook him for his adventure and greeted with claps to encourage him. At that point, he gave up his desire to die following their praises and thought of achieving something in his life and made climbing towers as his profession. That what inspired him and Monkey was his inspiration.




No help from the Government: Jyothiraj says, he has not received any help from the government for his dangerous adventure but media and people supported and helped him. He was not able to register his name in Limca or Guinness books of records in spite of his awful adventures and he was not after that even. Government did not stand as backbone for him in his achievement. Even if dies during giving performances, government might say that he was responsible for his death and government treated him very badly, he says.



Experience in Jog falls:  He had got down Jog falls ten times, five times to lift dead bodies and five times for achievements. Once, there was a confrontation between two police inspectors for not allowing him to jump without his written statement and that annoyed him. However he got down on August 11, 13 and 14 after signing and brought the dead bodies up except in one instance.



Jyothiraj, who made this adventures as his life, started one organization called ‘Indian Monkey club’ out of his meager income and giving free education to 25 students and with this, he is also doing social works. He has the desire of climbing tall, tall towers in the country and says that only by encouraging the youth’s talents by the government, laurel, and name can be brought to the country he said.


Indebted to Kundapur people: He said that he has attended many programs and has been felicitated but in Kundapur  S.K.P.A welcomed him in bike rally in a unique way and encouraged, supported  him and made all the arrangements for this to organize and thanked all the people who have worked hard for the success of this adventure.

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