Workshop on development of scientific temper and demystification of miracle

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Mangalore, Sep 25: Homeopathy, cosmic, healing, reki doesn’t have any scientific background. All these are inveracity. Homeopathy is all ready banned in Germany said rationalist and psychiatric Dr. K. S. Madhav Rao.



He discussed about this at the Karnataka cluster level workshop on Development of scientific temper and demystification of Miracle, organized by National council for science and technology communication, Department of science and technology govt. of India,  New Delhi and Karnataka Rajya Vignana Parishath, Bangalore at ISD Nanthur.


 Madhav Rao said that 200-250 years back blind faith; superstition was existed all over the world. These superstition was believed by every religion.He asked with the audience that why the souls, demon, phantom comes only in night, is that fears of light? He also said that all these are only our mental hallucination he said.


The examples of psychic disorder:  The people of Asia believe in superstitious power. They shows this in several ways like dead persons soul get into another person’s body, fainting. These have many psychological reasons. Hears the voice over, talking about the previous birth these are the examples of psychic disorder. To get rid from this the people will go near four-flusher Baba.


We should put rational thinking in the mind of children when they were in school, so it is the responsibility of the teacher to set the mind of student with scientific thinking he said.


In our brain the percentage of dopamine, norepine frin and serotonin should be equal. If there is any disorder in this the man will get mentally disorder he warned. Madhav Rao explained the psychological reason behind the superstitious to the audience.

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