38th Annual meeting of Vishwakarma Co-operative Bank

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Mangalore, Sep 24: The 38th annual meeting of Vishwakarma Co operative Bank on the presidential of Harish Achar president of the bank was held at Patte Lingacharya Hall Car Street on 21st September.


On his speech he said that “In the present economical year we got 23.05% progress in share investment, 37.66% in working investment and 34.74 in loan and prier investment. In total the bank gained 62.86 Lakh he said.

He further said that all the five branches of the bank were totally computerized. As per the RBI rule our bank is get ready to core banking system by 31st December.

The manager Jayaram K, N. Gopalakrishna Achar, Director, D. Bhaskar Acharya, vice president K Yashwanth, other directors K. Dhananjaya, P. Jagadisha Acharya, Rajesh Nettara, Rajesh, Jayashree V Achar, Manjeshwar Sathish were present.

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