“Rickshaw Driver” a Tulu movie, all set for Release

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Dubai; Sept 20: In our country especially in Tulunadu under the transportation system any moment and any time of the day, only one facility of transportation available is ‘Auto rickshaw’. Auto drivers are the one who are toiling day and night, under scorching sun, rains and serve as protectors to the public throughout the journey.

It is quite obvious that everybody will be under the impression that the moment, people see the caption “Rickshaw Driver” first thing click to their mind and will come to the conclusion that film is the life story of the rickshaw drivers.Yes; it is true that along with their strenuous life, movie also depicts how rickshaw drivers are useful, helpful to the people of the society and country. Besides movie has also given prominence for communal harmony and highlighted how young girls are falling prey to the cancer of ‘LOVE’. Overall this movie is a well balanced, well blended, moral based, good social movie. Nice to watch.

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That is also in today’s time where children, women travelling lonely, movie conveys the message to the whole society that how they have to be alert and take precautions while travelling in autos.

This being one of the grandeur film in Tulu theatre,for the first time renowned Kannada actors like Avinash (Aaptamithra fame) Padmaja Rao (Mugarumale fame) Chitra Shenoy,Suresh Mangalore,etc were acted in prime roles.Ms Jenny, a famous belly dancer from Russia, has been specially flown in for the film, will give her scintillating belly dance performance. For the first time, Karthik Banjan (Karthik Attavar) will sparkle as hero in this movie. Sara Sharma from Mumbai (Telugu actress) and Neha Saxena from Delhi (Kannada, Telugu actress) who are in the lead heroine role will lure the hearts of the movie lovers with their scintillating acting shrewdness.

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The presence of Tulunadu comedy kings like Naveen D Padil (in double role) Aravinda Bolar, Bojaraj Vamanjoor, Satish Bandale and comedians from recent T V hit show “Bale Thelipale’ will give an added flavor to the film with their heart tickling comedies. African dance of Naveen D Padil and Aravind Bolar’s ‘open Gangam style’ dance etc are the other specialties of this film.

Melodious songs, sung by senior Hindi singer Udit Narayan, Shankar Mahadevan, Ringa Ringa fame Priya Himesh, Ah Aante Amalapura fame Malathi, Saindavi and Kannada singers like Rajesh Krishnan, Chaitra, Baby Hiranmayi and Mangalore fame Anita D’Souza has already become household name in the region and appreciated in internets. That also through world Tulu net work, the ‘Udal Kadal’ song has been viewed by 1,00,000+ viewers just in six days and created a history.

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For this splendor Rickshaw Driver movie produced under the banner of Sri Muthu Film’s production, Praveen Kumar Konchady is the producer with his script, stories and pictures.

His maiden Kannada movie ‘Ekameva’ has won Mexico Anthartaya Prashashti and 2 Karnataka Rajya Prashasthi.

Asst producer Santhosh Kumar Konchady, director ‘Oriyadori Asal’ fame ha.Su.Rajashekar, literature and music director Wahab Saleem Puttur, in adventure Kaurav Venkatesh, in dance co-ordination well known, famous Kannada Madan-Harini, in photography Niranjan Babu Bangalore and Vijay Crasta Melkar and in arts Keshava Suvarna etc have contributed significantly to this movie.

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