Illegal Cattle Transporting Vehicle topples: 10 Cows Dead

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Mangalore, Sep 13: A illegal cattle transporting vehicle toppled  and ten cows dead near Natekal.. The incident took place near Natekal curve road when its driver lost control over the vehicle in the early morning on Friday September 13.

In this incident out of the 18 cattle and calf, 8 cows and 2 calves died. The driver escaped from the spot.


The vehicle (KA 20 6759)  from Mudipu to Natekal and it crashed near the curve on the road and fell down  into the gully and as the cows fell under the vehicle, they were killed.


At the same time, the driver of a milk van passing by came to the rescue. The driver Chethan and Sunil tied a rope to the vehicle and lifted it, and thus saved a few cows.

Konaje inspector Sudhakar and other officials took the cattle to the police station. The pickup vehicle was seized by the police and they searching for the driver.


This incident tells that the cattle were stolen from areas like Mudipu, Kunardu, Sajeepa, Boliyaru and were being taken to a butcher house in Chembugudde.

By: Pavana.D

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